Recruitment to Recruitment 

"What!? A recruiter needs a recruiter to find them recruiters!?" 

We hear this a lot. But, like any specialism in recruitment, knowledge is key and your network is your greatest tool. 

Shine knows the recruitment market in Australia and we have chosen the valued clients we work with from multinational corporations to small boutiques. 

We offer advice on the following: 
- Advice on your career path and personal brand
- Learning and development - who is offering the best
- New challenges
- Your earning potential
- The meaning of work/life balance (in our view it's simply not hating work and still having time for personal development OUTSIDE of recruitment!) 
- More positive structure
- Less micro-management
- Entry-level roles - how to get into recruitment and is the industry right for you? 

We can help you find the right role to reach your goals and love your work no matter how many years recruitment or sales experience that you have. 
Call our specialist consultant, Jodie Wiltshire, today for a confidential chat - 0416 554 403

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