6 tips to optimise your internal recruitment plan

Let’s face it, gone are the days of simply placing an ad and trawling through the response to find your next hire. We've spoken to some leading Talent Acquisition professionals to find out their top tips...

1. Build your talent pipeline

Your ideal candidate is working for somebody else. They are being treated well and their employer does not want to see them go. Even when approached with a very attractive package, if the timing isn't right, people won't move.

In recruitment – timing is everything. You might frequently hear about a candidate in the market with a unique skill-set or maybe they would be the perfect cultural fit for your growing team, but they won't move right now.  When you find these people, you want to make sure you stay in touch — and that you are front of mind when they do start looking.

Build a pipeline of talent and nurture valuable relationships with these candidates. Once you’ve identified them, it’s about building trust and keeping the conversation open - you never know what the future will bring for them, but you want to be there when their circumstances change.

2. Build a trusted digital presence

A consistent, engaging digital presence is key to establishing connections with candidates who may not be job-hunting right now. By sharing information about your company or highlighting industry news through blogs, Linkedin posts, Facebook ads, and Twitter, you help people get to know your company on a more personal level. 

The effectiveness of headhunting potential candidates through social media is far greater if they are led to valuable and relevant information. Hidden gems can be found by managing and investing time in up-to-date and well-presented information. Put some thought and effort into your digital content and watch that content work for you.

3. Don't forget the original "social connection" 

Since the explosion of the internet, it has become easier and easier to communicate through our digital tools. Let's not forget we are social creatures and meeting people face-to-face is still the best way to build trust.

Hold events that will attract potential talent. Gathering groups of like-minded people where they can meet you and your staff means potential talent gets a better understanding of the internal culture and gives you an opportunity to show your best hand.

I have seen the success of live events; from recruitment events, tech meetups and leadership gatherings - you never know when you'll meet the perfect candidate when you create the space to network. The proposal of a casual setting, a free drink, and an engaging guest speaker, can do wonders for your brand and allow you to meet new potential recruits.

4. Get your employees to recruit for you

In my experience, word of mouth is the best way to find passive talent and your employee network can be an invaluable channel to uncover potential candidates. By implementing a worthy incentive scheme, you will inspire your employees to talk about your business to their friends, peers, and family. Think about the cost of recruitment and reward your employees accordingly for any hires they deliver. A $250 shopping voucher won't cut it these days - Offer something that will really get them excited to talk about the business and your brand.

5. Every touchpoint matters

Network one-on-one and be comfortable that not every catch up has to have an immediate outcome. Catching up with people in your industry, past employees, and even competitors can be valuable in so many ways. Make sure you ask plenty of questions in all your meetings - you never know what kind of gold you might discover. The best recruiters bank on the question “I know you’re not looking, but do you know anyone that is?”

6. Employee benefits are key

Find out what your ideal recruits are looking for in a company and if you offer those things, make a point of hhighlighting them in your communications and PR (or through your internal recruiter!)

Google is not shy about promoting their free canteen and massage credits, as well as serious career development (not to mention you can bring your dog to work). If you offer great parental leave, early finishes on Friday, or will fund learning and development programs, make sure those benefits are promoted in all your hiring collateral.

Your talent teams need to know and understand what your business does better than your competitors, whatever that might be. Then they need to get the message out there. 


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Gemma Valentine
Shine Resourcing