Having A Great Recruiter Is Like Having Great Coach

Having A Great Recruiter Is Like Having Great Coach

No matter your level of experience, or your industry sector, if you’re anything like me you will want and need career advice and coaching at some point. You might turn to friends, family, colleagues, mentors, but have you got a professional in your corner who is an expert in YOUR sector. No one better than a trusted recruitment agent.  

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Headhunt like a champion

Nabbing a top candidate for your role is never going to be easy, in fact it can be difficult, drawn out, costly and time consuming. However, with a these tricks up your sleeve it is possible to grab the attention of that key candidate in an already competitive recruitment space.

Trick one: Strong interaction and communication

Give your candidate something juicy to think about, don't reach out with a generic speil about catching up. Focus on valuable and strong candidate interaction. It doesn’t have to be over-worked, but keep the line of communication open and consistent. Work on an authentic vibe when developing rapport with your candidate, if you’re open and honest from the beginning, you’ll establish trust, and build a relationship much more quickly. When a candidate responds to you, always respond as quickly as possible, even if it’s an “I’ll get back to you later today.”

Whilst good communication is imperative, it also means, you have to stop and listen. Don’t spend the whole time selling yourself, you’ll come across salesy and let’s face it, annoying. Give the candidate the opportunity to speak freely and ask questions.

Also, remember to use the correct language for the candidate, this will inevitably show you understand what the candidate actually does and genuinely relate to their skill set. This communication style comes with experience and knowledge of course!   

Trick two: LinkedIn

LinkedIn…have you heard of it? 22 million professionals view jobs on LinkedIn every week with 10 hires every 10 seconds. LinkedIn can very well be your best friend. You don’t always need to see that the candidate has marked that they are ‘Open to opportunities’. Connect, reach out and introduce yourself. Then take it back to trick one and keep the line of communication open and consistent (without hounding them!). Things change all the time and the likelihood is that 3 months down the line when they’re looking for their next role, they may well remember your open approach.  

Trick three:  Preparation

This is KEY and should be taken as seriously as Business Development research. Take the time to learn about your candidate and their BIO. Their history, past employers, their career journey so far, that way you bring it into conversation, the candidate doesn’t feel like they’re on your list of calls. You’ve selected them because you think, personally, they’ll be a perfect fit for your role.

Trick four: Use of Technology

New technologies are helping us with our hiring challenges, but never underestimate the power of the human element.

Talent acquisition has had significant shift for a long time now. Companies are no longer able to post a job and wait for the talent to come to them. A need for Talent Relationship Management (TRM) has stepped in to meet a need for maintaining a relationship with candidates. Essentially, TRM is gathering the external and internal talent to create a valuable network. Through consistent engagement, the benefits can be managing talent relationships through the entire career lifestyle of candidates. 

Recruiters who use pro-active sourcing and TRM tools make over 3X as many offers and offer acceptance is 93% compared to the market average of 89%. Keep that conversation going with the tools of the trade.

Trick five: Networking

Begin stalking top candidates. #jokingnotjoking. Go along to events and meet ups where the candidates you want will be attending. Get to know people on a social level whilst being seen regularly at events, it builds your profile as well as giving you the opportunity to get to know potential candidates. You never really know where an opportunity might come up.

In summary, understand your candidate, take the time to listen and avoid the sales pitch. Beginning with a trusting, healthy connection will guarantee a happy sustainable long-term relationship.

Sounds easy, right?